Updating a corporate group photo.

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One of our Corporate Photography services is Executive Portraits and group photos to be used in printed advertising collateral and web use, and recently we have been busy with our Corporate Photography clients on various projects from Executive Portraits in our studio to photographing new members of a sales team on location. We thrive to produce Portrait Photography that consistently matches the style and lighting of previous shots that our clients have printed or posted online, whether taken in our studio, on location at their corporate office or in a meeting room at a corporate seminar, trade-show or convention.

Corporate Head-shots from various clients.

Corporate Head-shots for various clients.

Recently one of our Portrait Photography clients presented a interesting challenge, could we replicate a group portrait that we had taken a few years ago by adding new team members to the existing photo. The law firm of Kelley/Uustal was extremely pleased with that previous group photo, but had added 5 attorneys and knew that it would be very difficult to get all 12 lawyers together at any given time to shoot a new photo. The plan was to use the existing image and add the new members in such a way that the finished shot resembled the original. We made arrangements for them to come to the studio at their convenience and we would photograph each attorney full length at three varying angles in different poses with similar lighting, this way the new attorney could be placed anywhere in the new composite group shot that we were creating.

Our original group photo of the Kelly/Uustal law firm.

Our original group photo of the Kelley/Uustal law firm.

Once everyone was photographed we submitted a proof sheet with all the new poses to the firm and they let use know were in the group each lawyer should be placed. With a mock up from the graphics team at the law firm and the documented heights of each individual we proceeded with our Post Production, silhouetting the selected individual Executive Portraits and compositing them into the existing group shot.

These are the component images from the original shoot and the newly photographed lawyers.

These are the component images from the original shoot and the newly photographed lawyers.

Once the layout was finalized and approved it was just a matter of adding some subtle shadows to those attorneys in back of the foreground, replicating the look of their previous Corporate Photography group photo.  

The new updated Kelly/Uustal group portrait.

The new updated Kelley/Uustal group portrait.

Marine Photography at the River Forest Yacht Center

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The River Forest Yacht Center in LaBelle, Florida

The River Forest Yacht Center in LaBelle, Florida

It is rare to find a full day of picture perfect sunny skies in South Florida, during the sweltering months of July and August, yet our shoot list for our marine photography assignment to photograph the amazing River Forest Yacht Center on the Caloosahatchee River near Fort Myers would require us to fulfill a full days shoot before the onset of the daily afternoon thunderstorms.

Hot Ferrari… Hot day… Cool shots!

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Ferrari-gto-photo There are those occasions when a particular photo shoot just doesn’t schedule in at the right time of day or place. The period of availability for a particular product may be very limited or its location may be subject to time and travel constraints. This is the case in point with our recent shoot for a client and his new Ferrari 599 GTO.

1998 Smithsonian IT Innovation Award

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It was 13 years ago today that Woodbury & Associates was nominated by John Warnock, then CEO of Adobe Systems Inc., to become part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Permanent Research Collection on Information Technology Innovation.